YouTube Had Been Allowed To Be A Dating Site

There’s nothing like good Twitter PR backfire to emphasize just how gratifying it can be when people grasp some thing and flip on its intended purpose. Fortunately, YouTube co-founder Steve Chen did not go on it too individually when consumers delivered him a very clear information your initial version of YouTube was not working. That’s right:
YouTube had been allowed to be a dating site

Chen admitted at a SXSW convention this season that preliminary idea for YouTube involved 420 singles sign up video clips of on their own supplying a rundown of who they really are and what they want in someone, and attracting potential suits through the remarks. (Shudder.) Envision an entire movie web hosting service simply for those cringe-worthy self-tapes that rich, socially inept bachelors power Patti Stanger to filter on

Millionaire Matchmaker


“We believed online dating is the clear option,” said Chen. Your website’s original co-founders actually went as far as to provide women on Craigslist $20 to upload videos if the site very first launched in 2005, not yet stylish into the now widely known simple fact that for-pay seed hotties will be the passing knell of every matchmaking program.

“We even had a slogan because of it,”
co-founder Jawed Karim told Motherboard just last year
. “Tune in, get together.”

But after five whole days of getting accept nary an individual individual’s video (sorrysorrysorry) getting uploaded towards the web site, the co-founders swiftly and wisely course-corrected.

“OK, your investment internet dating element,” Chen recalled. “let us merely start it to almost any video.”

A-year later, they got a $1.65 billion purchase from Google, and you could say the others had been record, but that record has become completely searchable on YouTube.

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